Culture Influence Personality

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When examining how culture affects one 's opinions on matters, you would first have to determine how culture affects personality. Because it is personality and culture that shapes views. This topic is highly controversial and is continuously being debated between researchers in both the Psychological and Scientific fields. In Cultural Influences on Personality by Harry Triandis and Eunkook Suh (2002) they took an intermediate view between a well known cultural study by Shweder (1993) and a biologically based personality study by McCrae and his colleagues. (McCrae 2000, McCrae et al. 2000) According to Shweder (1993), ”individual differences in conduct are narrowly context dependent and do not generalize across context.”; “Thus, global traits…show more content…
Among the most important of the latter are cultural influences. Culture is transmitted through language and the modeling of behavior when conditions permit humans to communicate through shared language, by living in the same historic period, and when they are sufficiently proximal to influence each other. The overarching model of cultural influences on personality that we have adopted in this chapter is that though biological factors have an important role in shaping personality, they do not account for most of the variance. Ecology, among other factors, shapes the culture, which in turn shapes the socialization patterns, which shape some of the variance of personality”…show more content…
It becomes even more complex when we review how personality and culture are shaped and affected. In summary the Colombian’s use of donkeys and farming may have greatly affected their culture by putting a high value on the animal. Next, the socialization patterns involved an intimacy with donkeys that could only be justified by ill-informed doctors and Cartagena elders. Finally, the personality of an average citizen in Cartagena is very accepting of bestiality. The influence of the Catholic church, and its position on premarital sex plays a role in the continuation of this ideology. In conclusion the customs of Cartagena, Colombia makes many think about sex in a much different way than the United
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