Influence Of Calypso Music

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Calypso Music and its Political and Cultural Influence
When looking at music from Latin America, there are vast differences in the styles and types of music found. From Mexico’s mariachi to Brazil’s congado, music in Latin America is very different with each style having its own flavor. Each country possesses music that illustrates its history, and cultural evolution in its music, rhythm, and lyrics. For the southern and eastern Caribbean that music is Calypso. With its direct origins to African music and song, Calypso is intertwined with history and cultural evolution. It is the basis of this paper that I will show those connections and evolution between Calypso music and the culture and politics of Africa and Trinidad.
What is Calypso music? Musically, Calypso is an energetic, upbeat style of Caribbean song much like the Brazilian samba because of its “duple metre”. Calypso is suited for the
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With the Mussolini invasion in Africa, much of Calypso music focused on this issue and Africa itself than ever before. “The Mussolini invasion of Ethiopia would be the next relevant event to engage calypsonians in particular and the Afro-Caribbean people in general. ” (Davies, Carole Boyce. "THE AFRICA). The music made Mussolini out to be evil and voiced a large amount of hatred towards him while supporting Sallie Helassie and Ethiopia. It was also Marcus Garvey’s ideas of returning to Africa along with the Rastafarian movement that made the protest in Calypso music even stronger. During the 1940’s and 50’s however, Calypso music once again changed its focus of protest to Trinidad and the problems at home. Artists focused less on Africa and its importance and more on ridding Trinidad of colonial power and policy. With a more aware, nationalistic society, Africans and mullato’s wanted freedom from outside rule as they saw other countries gaining freedom from colonial
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