Essay On Similarities Between Jamaica And Usa

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United States and Jamaica have many similarities such as they were both under British rule for several years, and they both elect officials to govern the country. However the differences between the two are quite vast when it comes to the quality of education, government, and healthcare. When the three are compared it is clear to see that in terms of where is a better place for a child to grow up the United States is a better place to be. Any one that grows up in the United States is automatically more privileged than a child that were to grow up in Jamaica for the simple fact that everything they could ever want or need access to is at their fingertips. Typically, children begin school at the age of five and remain in school for the next thirteen years. Attending school is not optional. If the government finds out that a child that is of age is not enrolled in school the guardian of the…show more content…
Once a child is finished with secondary school (middle) they take a qualifications test called the “CXC” to determine what high school they will be able to attend. Everything from text books to school uniforms has to be paid for out of pocket by the students guardian so even then, some children do not go on to finish school or some fall behind because they do not have the means to continue school all at one time. Both Jamaica and the U. S have their strong suites but in terms of where is better for a child to grow up the United States is the better candidate. A good government is the key to having a successful country and the U.S has that. The health care system is much more reasonable and allows many more people to be covered. Plus the educational system is superb. So to ensure that a child grows up in the best possible environment with the best possible access to resources they may need throughout life, should be raised in a stable country such at the United States of
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