Cross-Cultural Awareness

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“Cultural Awareness is the foundation of communication and it involves the ability of standing back from ourselves and becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions” (Cantatore & Quappe, n.d.). Cross cultural awareness is a vital piece of an organizations success as well as organization failure. The economy today is highly diverse and organizations support a wide range of individuals that derive from a variety of cultures. It is important to respect each individual’s culture, beliefs, and values. “Culture impacts behavior, morale, and productivity at work as well, and includes values and patterns that influence company attitudes and actions”. (Ching-Hsiang & Hung-Wen, 2008) Deficiency in cross cultural awareness results in opportunity loss for an organization. As organizations grow in the USA, it becomes imperative to hire a culturally aware staff. The staff should be able to develop positive attitudes towards establishing a more diverse workplace. The following three concepts pertain to cross cultural awareness and the impact culture awareness has on a business: communication, ethics, and etiquette.

Important Concepts
Communication is the key to an organizations success and has a significant attribute to culture. Communication is important to receive and send messages. It is the process of interacting and understanding others. Without the communication tool, a business could not successfully execute daily operations. Communication can be verbal and/or nonverbal. When communicating with international business, being able to effectively communicate can diminish and/or increase a company’s chance for success. Utilizing cross culture resources is prudent for those companies that wish...

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