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Research journals and the information provided within the pages of these articles must be critically analyzed and read. There is a series of steps in completing both tasks. However, at the start it is vital to ensure that the journals, topic information, and authors are all credible. This process is also necessary to make sure that the credibility of this information is professionally supported and held to a scholarly standard. In support of my research topic, I selected an article that I have deemed a credible source. I will demonstrate through a ten-step process of critically analyzing a journal article. The title, Math Wars 2: It’s the Teaching, Stupid, by John Marshall, published in the Phi Delta Kappan (2006). The analysis used is a procedure or guideline provided by the Olin & Uris Libraries (2009). Once I have established the articles validity and scholarly integrity I will continue with an evaluation of the researcher’s responsibility, critically reading and understanding the information, which supports the area under study. I will demonstrate this procedure in seven stages that involves the critical reading of research articles. In accordance with the Olin & Uris Libraries (2009), the initial appraisal of critical analysis consist of checking the author, date of publication, edition or revision, publisher, and title of journal. First, I started with checking the author’s credentials. I found John Marshall’s affiliation in the reference list which stated the following: John Marshall has been developing curricula for many years; he was involved in the production of Minnesota’s K-12 Math Framework and has taught Elementary School Math Methods classes at the University of South Florida, St Petersburg (Marshall, 2006... ... middle of paper ... ...eas and concepts. These are credible and support other professionals’ ideas in the field with scholarly integrity. Works Cited John Marshall. (2006). Math Wars 2: It's the Teaching, Stupid! Phi Delta Kappan, 87(5), pg363. Retrieved June 16, 2010, from Education Periodicals. (Document ID: 969304521). Lobiondo-Wood,. Haber,J, and Krainovich-MillerB. (Eds), 2002 St. Louis, MO: Mosby; and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Stages in Critical Reading of Research Articles Adapted from Critical Reading Strategies: Overview of the Research Process in Nursing Research: Methods, Critical Appraisal and Utilization (5th ed., chap2). Olin & Uris Libraries. Critically Analyzing Information Sources retrieved from 7/15/2010

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