The Russian and Ukrainian Conflict

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Conflict occurs when there is disagreement among individuals, groups, communities, and countries. There is a risk to their need, interests or concerns as a result of a disagreement. This is a condition in which people receive a threat such as physical, emotional, political, status and so on. On the basis of their values, culture, beliefs, experience, and gender they filter their perceptions. It is possible to recognize new opportunities by transforming conflict into a creative learning experience. It is very important to have an idea to resolve the conflict between the parties.
The conflict between the Russia and Ukraine has created a lot of damage. It has been developing day by day. The main reason of conflict is Ukraine’s political landscape and the rejection of single economic deal with European Union regarding an association agreement by Ukraine president. In the 18th century, Crimea was engaged into the Russian empire along with most of ethnic Ukrainian territory. Russians are fighting over Crimea which is the part of Ukraine. According to 2001, among 2 million populations there were 54 percent Russian, 24 percent Ukrainian, and 12 percent Tatars. This conflict started at the end of November 2013 and escalated in 2014 which resulted in the death of many people. Today, the conflict is still going on between those countries. I didn’t see the mistake of Ukraine government. The decision made by Russia is undesirable. Russia is just trying to capture the Ukraine’s land and increase their economic growth. Most of the countries (including USA) are giving full support to the Ukraine and have threatened the economic sanctions against Russia. This is the interesting part for me. I chose this conflict because I want to share this info...

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...ignty and territorial integrity by giving Crimea to Russia. I also believe that if the conflict goes like this, and the cold war continues between the Ukraine and the Russia, there will be another war which is third world war.

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