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Argument Analyses: Get bigger, faster, and stronger with creatine Creatine is one the most common sports supplement out there. But readers need to know what it is, and how it works before putting it in their bodies. Creatine is found in foods like steak, and is naturally produced in the body by the liver and kidneys. Skeletal muscle contains 95% of all creatine. The heart, brain and testes hold the remaining 5%. The claim that this article is making is supplementing with creatine while being engaged in a rigorous weight training regiment will increase muscular strength, size, and performance. According to Shannon Clark, who holds holds a degree in Exercise Science and Sport Performance from the University of Alberta in Edmonton,”creatine is going to allow you to train at a higher frequency, which also means quicker and more …show more content…

The more you engage in muscular stimulation the quicker muscles will grow. Provided they are given time to properly recover from the last session of stress that weight lifting causes. Creatine pulls water into muscle cells which increases the rate of protein synthesis, this is a process in which current muscle cells increase in size resulting in muscles that are both larger and stronger. With that said, it’s key to drink plenty of water to allow other cells within your body to stay well hydrated. Because of the influx of water being drown into the body, you’ll gain about 2-5 pounds is water weight within the first week of supplementing with creatine. However, this is nothing to worry about because Clark maintains that” supplementing with creatine allows you to have a better sprint performance during your weight loss phase.” Depending on your method of training, creatine will increase your metabolism allowing you to burn more calories. Creatine comes in various

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