Core Values Of Group Leadership, And Core Knowledge Of A Group Leader

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This journal entry will discuss and provide examples of core values of a group leader and core knowledge of a group leader. In addition, the references that were used for this assignment include information from Chapter 3 in the textbook and the transcript and video tools provided for completing this assignment. Furthermore, the examples I provided may not necessarily fit exactly, however, to some degree they do and do not. However, I tried to find some examples that represent who I am and I believe that when reflecting upon these examples they do show a great reflection of many things that do fit. 1.3 Journal Core Values and Knowledge of the Group Leader Use the Journal tool to provide at least three examples of times or situations…show more content…
The core values of respect and dignity are the elements that held us together as a team and I was not giving up because we worked too hard to win games and to move forward and because of that I stood up and went above and beyond for the team. The difference is not everyone might have done that if they got injured, however, because I considered all of my teammates equals I believe that it was the just and right thing to do because otherwise we would probably have lost the game. In addition, I was not thinking about myself it was about the team as a whole and the effort it took to get where we were at was not an easy task and it met everyone’s needs because we were not…show more content…
One of the concepts mentioned is knowledge of individuals and when reflecting upon this the capacity to help one another and change was done by trying to do the right thing and help the resident when a code was called. In addition, because the group of students supported what I did it contributed to change by addressing the unethical conduct and behavior of others from hurting more residents and contributed to other changes because the students will stand by ethical conduct and behavior in society and beyond the

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