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1345 words

My research provided an opportunity to review and identify different elements of leading from previous studies. As I begin my review, I find myself rediscovering essential qualities of successful leadership. The author provides a very interesting case study that depicts the importance of people skills, (Bennis, 2009). In order to be an effective leader you must be able to relate to others through open communication, (Bennis, 2009). A leader needs to be approachable and personable in their actions. The case study provided an example of a leader that lacked people skills. He had been mentored in an environment that was not conducive to team building, (Bennis, 2009). His leadership approach was to be direct and demanding centered on productivity …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the importance of people skills in leadership, and reemphasizes self-identification through experience and personal interaction.
  • Analyzes how reflects back to previous research on what it means to become a leader.
  • Analyzes how modernization has led us to become dependent on our communication devices. after 911, our innocence and carefree nature came to a screeching halt.
  • Explains the key elements that are critical in becoming a successful leader, such as trust, integrity, and trust with subordinates.
  • Explains that as we mature, we gain a better understanding of ourselves. reflection helps us acquire experience and maturity in our thought process.

Keywords: interaction, experience, communication, reflections

The Leadership Challenge
As I begin my journal, I reflect back to previous research on what it means to become a leader, …show more content…

The author gives mention to our current president in hopes he will make a significant difference, (Bennis, 2009). I would be interested in knowing what the author would say about our president now regarding what little he has done to implement effective change. Our country for the most part has been weakened, the unemployment rate has dramatically increased, the economy is in a shambles and our military is degraded, (Bennis, 2009). At this point, I am uncertain if our country is even in the top three regarding world superpowers. The country’s debt is enormous; almost triple what it was before our current president took office, (Bennis, 2009). The author has noted that our quality of presidential leadership is depleted, (Bennis, 2009). A majority of our presidents that were once held in high esteem are now visions of the past, (Bennis, 2009). The author points out the changing of our economy and how modernization has affected how we live, (Bennis, 2009). Several manufacturers have fled the United States in order to increase profits by employing cheap labor in other countries, (Bennis, 2009). China is now a major supplier of the world’s products, (Bennis, 2009). China has made great strides in modernizing and through this transition holds claim to a large portion of the U.S.

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