What Is The Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing
I recall being little and played pretend being a nurse with my sisters and I can remember the huge satisfaction I got by it. Pretending to be a nurse today is something I no longer wish to do and hopefully in a few years I will have the opportunity to call myself a registered nurse. In today’s era, it is obvious that nursing has come a very long way and it is all thanks to the nursing community and advanced technology. Nursing is not an ordinary job that consist of an eight-hour shift, drinking coffee and surfing the web. Nursing is a full-time commitment to the community, the patients, and last but not least to oneself. Nursing is more than taking care of an ill patient. It involves taking care of patients
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My philosophy of nursing focuses on making sure that nurses provide patient-centered care and to make patients feel like they are genuinely being cared for. Nurses must be guided by altruism. Nursing health care policies are rooted in the principle of altruism and nurses who take the initiative to take patients concerns seriously and show interest in their well-being, will only continue to grow and have satisfactory results. Watson viewed the individual as mind-body-soul and also, that there should be an internal balance between health and harmony (Zerwekh & Zerwekh Garneau, 2015). This is similar to how me and Watson see an individual because if a patient is not good in health, he or she will not be in harmony with oneself or others. There will not be an equilibrium with mind, body and soul, causing illness, depression and…show more content…
Nursing is a unique system that requires good collaboration with others and working together to reach the goal of providing good quality care based on evidence-based-practice. “The role of a colleague is a vital one in any profession. The status of colleague within the care generates pictures of nurses, doctors, pharmacists discussing, on an equal basis, problems and concerns related to healthcare” (Zerwekh & Zerwekh Garneau, 2015, p.144). If nurses can’t get along with other healthcare providers that will jeopardize the patient’s recovery and can take a huge turning point and guide nurses away from providing high quality
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