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In 2001the work began on the biggest dam project in history of the human kind. The place chosen was the Great Canyon in Colorado. After six months of heavy digging, workers had found something strange.
John, who was one of the scientists that come to this site, was especially interested in this subject. He in his long black trench coat looked like Germans during World War II. He looked even more familiar to SS man when he took off his hat and sunglasses and showed his blonde hair and blue eyes.
His team was already ready to go to the “zero zone';. Their assistant was Michael. He was main contractor of the construction. He showed them the place where they found this “thing';.
-So what is it? - Asked John
-I don’t know, besides that’s why you’re here to find out.
Soon they were on the place. There was this big hole blown by the explosives. The purpose was to make fundaments for dam so that it would not leak the water. The cave was reddish in color as the rest of the landscape. The thing that you couldn’t miss was that after few feet from the entrance it was not a cave anymore.
-So this is the place –said John
-Yeah, look at this polished walls.
-Aha and I’m sure it was not done by water.
-Yeah that’s for sure-said Mike with a little excitement in his voice, and added-I worked on similar projects many times and I saw many kinds of caves with really weird shapes, but never like this one.
-It’s, it’s just that it is so symmetric-added John
The cave was very large and they had to bring flashlights because they couldn’t see a thing. In the middle of “the room'; John found big object that looked kind of similar to artifacts from Egypt. The object was square in base and as it went up it changed to a triangle and looked similar to pyramid. There were some strange signs that John has never seen before. Later he gave idea that these signs are kind of clue to what this object does or it is.
As he was looking for any sign that was similar to him he found few which interested him most. First sign looked like bird at first but after further analysis it looked more like jet plane. The other sign at first looked like ghost or god but later it looked like astronaut in his costume.

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