Anthem Epilogue

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Life has fared well since Gaea and I have lived in this house. There are now others in houses surrounding us. These are my friends that I returned to rescue, International 4-8818 being one of them. He is now called Apollo. We are happy here, all of us. The others are learning, albeit rather slowly, yet they learn to say I instead of we. It is my hope that, before my first child is born, they will all say I so that he or she may only know this and not the cursed we.
It has been a couple of weeks, and our first child has arrived: a girl. We have decided to name her Aphrodite, for she is the symbol of the love between Gaea and I. We will teach her to be the symbol of love for our new world to learn. They must know that love is an important thing to have in order to be happy.
There are many other things they must learn. They have finally learned to say I instead of we. However, they must still learn to be completely individual. They must learn that “I” means only himself or herself as a single person. They do not yet understand that they no longer have to think for all of them as group. They can choose to do something for themselves and not everyone.
They will all learn how to do these things eventually, but for now I am happy to be able to teach them. It is my hope that they will learn from example. I do not know how to show them everything, but hopefully by allowing them to read some of these manuscripts that we found upon first arriving here. They helped me to learn much.
Today, as we were working to prepare the land to grow food, we discovered certain artifacts. There were odd things. We found other lights like the one that I created, but there were some different things that I did not recognize. I used some of the manuscript...

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...make it as we are. I forget exactly how long I have lived in this world. In later years, it has become more difficult to keep track. Aphrodite is now 20 years old. I am happy with her strength and that of her brother, Zeus. They are happy and yearning: yearning to conquer the world.
I am sure they are ready, but I do not believe that I am. Perhaps my time has come when I should no longer fight, but submit myself to the ways of the world. My body grows tired. My body grows weak, but I still wish to fight. I know, however, that I cannot. I must leave this fight to my children and the children of my friends. They will accomplish much and conquer much: more than I could probably imagine. Maybe now is the time for my body, and my mind, to finally rest and have peace.
And with that, Prometheus’ story ended, even as the story of Aphrodite and Hephaestus had just begun.
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