Psychic Prison Essay

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Psychic prison Favored way of thinking and acting becomes traps that lock’s up individuals with socially contracted world and prevent the emergence of other worlds. People in everyday life are trapped by their incomplete and flawed understanding of reality. They are able to free themselves from that, but many prefer to remain in the dark. Socrates cave, origin of psychic prison where prisoners were chained to an underground cave; and interpretation of shadows comprised their entire reality. Types of Psychic Prisons Organization and Repressed Sexuality (Sigmund Freud Founded this concept) According to him, Unconsciousness is created as humans repress their inner most desires and private thoughts. People become imprisoned through repression of their desires and thoughts. Patriarchal Family Organizations are dominated by patriarchal values and structures, where the role of women in organization will always be played out on male terms. Death and Immortality Humans are afraid of dying. Death reminds us of our limitations and lack of control. We try to connect with something more enduring than our physical bodies. Organization and Anxiety To explain adult maladaptation in organization m such as dependency, paring, fight flight, some resort to childhood experience of “persecutory anxiety”, which caused early development of defense mechanisms. Organization, Dolls and Teddy Bears Because people fear change, we hold onto objects even when such objects create harm. Transitional objects give people something else to hold onto while change occurs. Groupthink: - The desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome. (Reflexivity) Learning’s from the chapter Since this presentation was he... ... middle of paper ... ...he greater its power within the organization. • Substitutability >> Hypothesis #2 the lower the substitutability of the activities of a subunit, the greater its power within an organization. • Centrality :- o The degree to which a subunit’s activities are interrelated into the system. (Reflexivity)Learning’s According to the paper presented, I believe that power is the most essential element for the human progress, since it’s about changing intentions to actions. In organization it’s about sharing information, about working together and running the company in the best interest of everyone. According to my learning, I believed that it changes nothing, no one can predict the result of a decision and we spend more time living with the consequence of our decision than making them. In turn we should focus on getting things done rather than thinking of the consequence.
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