The Artificial River: Book Review Of The Artificial River

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The Artificial River
When I started to reading this book, I do not imagine what it was about .I am an international student, and I have been living in the U.S for a short time , so many of the issues regarding of American history are new for me. The Erie Canal was part of the unknown subjects. It has been interesting to know, and learned that the Americans have had intension of shaping and preserve its history. And great historians, they would give out even the smallest details that helped make this nation what it is today.
The Artificial River is one of them, and In my opinion the book is very important. One of them is simply the fact that its author has done extensive research as something that brought change impact on ordinary American lives. This canal would promoting the development of the area, helping to growth, and a new way of desarroLLando faster , efficient and inexpensive transport between the residents and merchants of the neighbors towns. Even the American alimentation was impacted by this. Not only because its author causlidad book begins on the words “Oysters! Oysters! Beautiful oysters! "
Another aspect that caught my attention was the simply idea that could change the direction of a country. It is undisputed that when someone has an idea, the only way to see it is simply atreviendoce realizer to carry it out. In this case, the governor of New York State Ell was quie he promoted the construction of this canal.
At the beginning, may be the intentions were changing through its construction process. But it certainly the canal had the support of workers and opposition on top of this many people. A interesting aspect I could say it is that The Erie cans was financed by the New York Stated and...

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... discover . God created man multipique leg and sfructifique earth. And I can say that this work of human ingenuity obeyed the divine command .
I come from a country where so you see the desarrollno not been as acerelado like I'm enscuentro me , usa. but I can alo very important to note in this book , which is that when you have an idea, you can have a plan ejcucion , but many people are needed to support and believe in this plan to succeed . THE Canal, was supplanted by other means of faster transportation , and in winter could work. "If the Erie Canal compressed distance and time , the railroads annihilated them , or so it Appeared to the amazed observer in the mid - nineteenth century" . (173 ) which leaves clear view that the human mind is infinite, and the steady progress reflects an organized nation that thinks about the welfare of their society.

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