Construction Project Management

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Evaluate how project managers are able to add value to the construction process

The project manager in construction project can add value to the client in various aspect. By definition, A project manager is the person who is accountable for the accomplishment of the stated project objectives. He is the key person for the construction project management. To evaluate the essence of project manager, we examine its value adding elements throughout the entire construction process.


1. Design Coordination and Consultation

The project manager will responsible in assisting and coordinating the entire process in design from the review of conceptual designs amid development to providing recommendation of any alternative solutions whenever design details would possibly affect the construction feasibility. He will also advise on site use and improvements, selection of materials, building systems and equipment. From this, he will give his recommendations on relative construction feasibility. This includes various constraints such as the availability of materials and labor, estimated time for installation and construction and most importantly the cost for the project.

2. Cost budgeting

After coordination of the feasibility report, the project manager will be busy in the preparation of the project budgeting, which will be approved by the client. During this stage, project manager will work on the construction cost based on report from quantity survey of drawings and specifications. He will further keep updating the estimation and refine it for the approval as the construction proceed. Should the project budget fails to meet the real case, project manager has the obligation to advise the client and the archi...

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Throughout the construction process, change orders might occur from various sectors, project manager has the responsibility to review various requests, and further add value by his professional knowledge and experience to provide recommendations to the client.

In a nutshell, project manager basically starts with coordination, and then keep the wheels turning by allocating labor and capital, further ensure the entire work is well done and right done by continuous reviewing. Throughout the progress, project manager often take the initiative to keep the project in right track. As during the process of assigning work, the project manager has an opportunity to consider the client development needs and goals. All in all, we can see that project manager add values in various stages of construction and his position is vital in the overall success in the project.
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