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Jithin Joseph Shawn Boroumand

From the lessons, I have been able to understand various methods and procedures in managing a project team. My lecturer gave a brief introduction of the topics which are going to be discussed in the 2nd course “Managing the Project team”. I was excited to go through those topics as some of the terms were familiar to me.
The role of managers:
The role of different managers in a project was the first topic which have been explained in the class and the roles and responsibilities as well as the impact would be made by different managers in a project were also discussed during the class. My lecturer illustrated different management styles with
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Moreover, the functional manager should be a subject matter expert and he should have the skill to manage the work in an efficient way as well as the process improvement responsibilities should also be handled by the functional manager.
Operation mangers should also have the same skills as functional manager but they are responsible in managing day to day operations and they should also possess the authority to hire and fire employees.
I have also been able to understand the responsibility of a project manager in bringing the people from different functional areas with specific skills to meet the project goals and objectives within the desired time. Even though, a project manager doesn’t have HR authority unless the project manager is a functional manger or in a projectized organization.
Different organizational structures have also been taught in the class; There are three types of organizational structures in which the authority of the project manager
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A project manager should be aware of the key challenges and threats an organization would face as well as he/she should have the skills to tackle the crises effectively and efficiently. In addition to that, a project manager should also be able to convey the thoughts and ideas in a convenient manner who is responsible to make a framework for an effective communication to ensure clear communication between the team members even though the style of communication would be different based on the situation.
It is undeniably true that, the effectiveness of anything would be understood when it is subjected to extreme conditions. In a similar way the consistency of a project manager can be estimated by keeping an eye on the way in which a project manager handles a difficult situation and the skill he has in binding the project team together as unit.
A project manager should also ensure customer satisfaction through surveys as well as by getting feed backs from the customers. The effective measures must be taken to improve the performance and hence to make the customers satisfied. A project manger should also have a focus on developing the team members through delegation without impacting the management by using different project management tools and resources. A project manager should have a clear vision of the desired outcome and he/she should be aware of
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