Consequences Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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When a child is growing up it is essential to experience love and affection. If instead they are receiving the opposite, their behavior will change drastically. Not all children who experience child abuse will have behavioral problems but as a group the chances are very likely (Long Term Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect). There are many problems that can occur over a child’s lifespan. For example, difficulties during adolescence, juvenile delinquency, adult criminality, alcohol, drug abuse, and other abusive behaviors. Poor mental health and emotional health are what causes most of the problems listed above. Some physiological problems are PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), panic disorder, depression, anger, and reactive attachment…show more content…
And when they do not get it they will use physical assertion to get it. They are not motivated to teach the child through love and kindness. The angrier the parent gets because of lack of control the more intense the abuse will be (Child Abuse and Neglect Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse). Using fear to control behavior. Parents who are physically abusive may believe that their children need to fear them in order to behave, so they use physical abuse to keep their child in line. However, what children are really learning is how to avoid being hit, not how to behave or grow as individuals, (Child Abuse and Neglect Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse). Parents may think that by beating a child they are managing the child’s behavior. They are wrong. If they think what their parents did to them worked, they are wrong. There are other ways to punish a child-like time outs, removal of privileges, or verbal reprimands (Guidance for Effective Discipline). They also may think that it will stop bad behaviors. Again, they would be wrong. Abusing a child will only make them more rebellious and they will become violent in the future (Child Abuse and Neglect Recognizing and Preventing Child Abuse). By abusing a child, a parent is only creating a monster like them or a person who is out of touch with the world because they are too scared to trust anyone. Child abuse is not something that is easy to get over and it is very hard to live with. It is not something that I would ever do to my future children because I personally know what it is
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