Conflicting Feelings for Vicitms of Abuse

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“A domestic violence victim may both love and fear the man who abuses her…” (McCray 393) Little do people legitimately think why a victim does not assent; disregarding all of the pain their abuser had caused them and living a new life elsewhere. To most people, the rational thing to do would be leave without a word. It is not as easy as that. Why do victims not leave their abuser?
On occasion, victims will not leave their abusers due to the fact that leaving could cause more harm and be less safe. “Leaving an abuser can often be as unsafe as staying with them.” (Post [South Africa] 16) “That’s why battered women stay—to save their lives.” (McCray 393) Usually when an abuser feels he/she is not in control of the victim, they will become stricter. This could mean more abuse, or simply trapping the victim. “When the perpetrator feels he’s losing his grip, violence will escalate so as to re-engage control.” (Post [South Africa] 16) If a victim hints or mentions their leaving, the abuser will often promise them revenge. “There are threats—meaning promises to kill her or keep her child...
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