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“The Day It Happened,” written by Rosario Morales, is a brave and strong story about a woman named Josie who once was madly in love with her husband Ramon in spite of being physically abused by him. Josie’s neighbors noticed the domestic violence, helping her create a friendship bond between them. The neighbors became a type of support group to her, like many woman have in today’s society, helping her gain strength to leave Ramon for their future child’s safety. Sadly, women today still struggle in search for strength and courage that Josie gained. It is estimated at least 1.8 million women are physically abused in a relationships every year (Strube, Barbour 785). Throughout multiple researches, many people do not have a specific answer of …show more content…

Control and emotional manipulation are more commonly used in the beginning of a relationship as the “captain” of the house. The abuser starts to control who their spouse can be friends with, when and how they can spend money, and when they can go to town. If the victim of the relationships does anything without their permissions, he or she is emotionally punished by the abuser by threatening to leave the victim, uses guilt, rage, or criticizes. An abuser feeds off of these two types of abuse. A relationship that starts out like this can grow into something potentially more dangerous for the victim. The last three types of abuse are the more dangerous kinds of abuse. Verbal abuse is harmful to the victim’s confidence and self-esteem. Name calling, cruel jokes, and humiliation in public places are all types of verbal abuse that will bring someone into deep depression. Sexual and physical abuse is harmful to the victim’s health. In a healthy relationship, sex is wanted and meaningful; however, if the spouse is being forced to have sex, use unprotected sex, or not allowed to decide about keeping the baby, than this is a health hazard. It is an unhealthy relationship that is untrustworthy and disconnected; therefore, transmitted diseases can spread to the victim. Physical abuse is the more commonly known type of abuse. It is intentional pain from …show more content…

The victims are blinded from the danger they are in because it is all they know in a relationship or feel it is their fault. Another reason victims do not leave their abusive spouse is fear (Rafenstein 6). The Article “How to Plan Escaping From An Abuser” says: “Such a woman faces two major obstacles: fear and finance -- fear for her safety and that of her children and a lack of money to support herself or them. The most dangerous time in the life of a battered woman is when she attempts to leave her abuser. Threatened by the loss of control, the batterer is likely to become even more violent and may even try to kill her. There are simply not enough shelters to protect all the women who need them” (1).
This article explains the fear that runs through abused women’s head. Signs within the victim to look for in an abusive relationship is feeling threatened, criticized, controlled, afraid, or shy from the spouse. Physical signs to look for is the abuser hitting, twisting words around, insulting, or purposely putting the victim in danger (Rafenstein

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