Confederate Flag Symbolism

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The Confederate Flag and its Multifarious Meanings Research Paper For generations and generations, the Confederate flag has been a symbol of the Confederate states of America that shows southern pride and heritage to many. It can be seen on bumper stickers, t-shirts, magnets, posters, and even tattoos. To many Americans, it shows respect and is referred to as a memorial piece for all the soldiers of the south who lost their lives in the massive battle of the Civil War. What isn 't apparent right away to some is that there is a whole other side to the Flag and its mysterious symbols. The flag raises eyebrows of many Americans and has caused a huge controversy over political, cultural, ethical, and philosophical problems in America. Although…show more content…
The Confederate flag has been flown and supported by many people for over 130 years. Tradition is a huge character shown by people of the south. Most adorers of the flag could be in a way categorized as traditionalist. On, traditionalists are defined as people who show, “adherence to tradition as authority, especially in philosophy according to which all knowledge of religious truth is derived from divine revelation and received by traditional instruction” ( This traditionalism could explain the deep Christian based faith in people who adore the Confederate flag and also why religion is such a huge symbol of the flag as well. The saltire blue cross on the Confederate flag even has ties back to the Cross of St. Andrew. The Flag reminds these people of home, something like a found memory of their youth. The flag is something they can look back on and smile because it actually brings joy into their lives to know they grew up to these…show more content…
If you pick up any history textbook, you can go back hundreds of years to see how African Americans and other ethnicities were treated in the south, then, but also even how they are still being treated today in America. In a nationwide poll taken at, over 30% of Americans said that the Confederate flag was racist in how it represents a nation based around slavery and segregation. Most people who aren’t in support of the Confederate Flag could be categorized into a group called Reconstructionist, meaning they do not relish the tradition and pride set aside for the Confederate flag. The Flag is morally looked down upon in remembrance of the hard times of the African Americans during times of Confederacy. Famous rapper, entrepreneur- superstar, Kanye West recently jumped into the debate of the symbols of the Confederate flag. The black rapper showed up to his “Yeezus Tour” covered in several pieces of clothing that had the controversial southern flag embroidered all over. It seems that Kanye wants to make a statement and indulge in the profits by being risky and wearing a flag that most people of his ethnicity dislike. A hip-hop historian and San Francisco State adjunct professor Dave Cook had to say, "Kanye runs the risk of green-lighting something that is overtly racist, and I don 't think he has any plan in mind on how to educate people," Cook said. The
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