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When the question “what consitutes a redneck?” is asked the variety of answers is astonishing. People think of rednecks as drunkards, racist, trashy, or even Monticello people. I have lived in Monticello for sixteen years and even though most people are rednecks, not all. We chose Monticello to do our research because it was exactlly the atmosphere we were looking for. In order to be a redneck here, there are a few traits you must have, such as: a big truck, love the rebel flag, and dress the right way. A big truck doesn’t necessarily mean a nice truck. Most guys around here drive old, ragged, broke down trucks. The most common truck would be an older F-150’s, a
Chevy Z-71, or a Toyota Tacoma. Most trucks will also have four wheel drive, this comes in handy when you go muddin and get stuck. Many of the newer nicer trucks have bigger tires, dual exhaust, a brush guard, and a lift kit. In Monticello, you are identified by your truck. Everyone knows who everybody else is by what they drive. Most rednecks are seen as racist and prejudice against african americans. People think this because rednecks are known for their love of the confederate flag. The confederate flag is a sign of heritage in the south. It stands for what we are and where we come from.
On our survey of fiftty people 73 percent agreed that the confederate flag was a sign of heritage and not hate. Another trait that constitutes being a redneck would be the way that you dress. Rednecks can be identified by their tight wrangler jeans, Dixie Outfitter shirts usually sporting a hutin, fishin, muddin logo, boots and a cowboy hat. The majority of rednecks will drink, usually
Natural (nasty) light or Bud Light. They also smoke or dip, usually
Marlboro reds, or lights, and Copenhagen. Most people wonder what on earth is there to do in such a small town such as Monticello? Well, there are three main things: 1. Huntin’ 2. Fishin’ 3. Muddin’. Although the typical weekend would include Huntin in the morning, fishin in the afternoon and muddin at night we do manage to go to at least one movie every once in awhile. Most of the guys have just recently taken to shootin pool, I am terrible at the game therefore I sit and watch most of the time. Along about early November through late February every male above the age of 12 can be found in a deerstand at 5 a.m.. The idea of sitting on a wooden platform for


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