Condom Distribution

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Condom Distribution
In 1995, around 400 schools in the United States started a new program for distributing condoms in high school and it is proven to be a positive asset to secondary students. “Four million adolescents contract an STD each year” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). How can we reduce these numbers? I believe distributing condoms in each high school would drop these numbers dramatically. Not only is it going to help prevent pregnancies, STDs and abortion it would make the students feel better that they have protection and are having safer sex. I feel that if condoms were given out it would help tremendously with these problems. Condom distribution in high schools would not promote sex but safe sex options. I believe condoms should be distributed in high schools to help prevent teen pregnancies, STDs, and to lower abortion rates.
High schools making condoms available to the student body would not be to promote sex. It would be to promote safe sex due to an extremely high rate of teen pregnancies. It’s all about keeping the individual safe rather than sorry. “Less than half of teen mothers ever graduate from high school and fewer than 2% earn a college degree by age 30” (Stay Teen). The distribution of condoms in high schools would create more options, provide a safe route to sexually active teens, and increase the prevention of teenage pregnancies. “In the United States, 46% of all high school age students, and 62% of high school seniors have had sexual intercourse; Almost 9 million teens have already had sex” (Conklin). Teens are going to act in sexual activities. Condom distribution in schools would be fair and provide a safe route to those who may not be able to afford condoms which could lead to teen ...

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