Concept Of HRD

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Human resource development is the process, which has a potential to enhance the work-based knowledge and expertise, production and satisfaction for the benefit of the company and people. Its main aim is to focus on the resource that people bring to the success for their company and themselves. Many authors have defined HRD in their own ways in different eras. HRD can be referred as a department and as a function or job. Now if someone studies the HRD process then he will get that HRD has two basic views to focus. These are organization Development and personnel training and development. In HRD, organization development mainly focuses at the organization level and the connection with his people, whereas personnel training and development focuses on the individuals and connects with the organization. The purpose of human resource development is to achieve better talent pool. Human resource development has originated as a side field of management. The core beliefs of human resource development are to get the desired talent pool. It is also a professional field of practice. It focuses on the organization and considered it as a human made entity that depends on the human expertise to achieve its goals. While the human expertise can be enhanced by HRD techniques for achieving the long term advantages. It also considers the experts of the organization who can access the information that transcends the premises of the organization. Many principles have been set forth to guide the HRD and its practices. Its implementation can bring many benefits to the organization as it is result oriented and it is designed to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization. It is also related to the company’s strategic aims and objective... ... middle of paper ... ... renaissance era in which many historical developments takes place like advancements in education and training. If one studies the history then he will come to know that HRD establishes in many ways mainly by giving importance to manual training for the development of education. It also flourishes when United States of America developed, as it training played an important part in advancing individuals and the economy. Europeans also considered it useful and gave importance to apprenticeship training as it was the dominant educational institution of that time. In short, government also played an important role in developing HRD by promoting vocational and technical education. During World War II, War Manpower Commission was established to enhance training within Industry. American human resource development program also promotes the HRD profession through research.
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