Computers in the Construction Industry

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Computers in the Construction Industry

Computers have greatly changed the construction industry. Since the beginning of time there has been some type of construction. The caveman had weapons and tools. As of late man builds homes, skyscrapers, and various other buildings. Super-structures are very large-scale projects; that without the use of computers would be very arduous tasks. It would take many draftsmen many months to complete all of the drawings necessary to build a skyscraper. The advent of the computer has greatly improved the way the construction occurs today.

Computer Aided Drafting and design programs facilitate the way buildings are designed. Auto Cad allows a draftsmen to produce drawings in a quick and efficient. Computers allow draftsmen to draw and make changes without picking up a pencil or eraser. Floor plans, plot plans, schematics, and detail plans are all drawn easier through the use of computer aided drafting programs, such as Auto Cad and IDEAS.

Communication is the most important part of construction. There wouldn’t be projects to complete if there was not communication between the contractor and client. Means of communication vary greatly. Communication is achieved through electronic mail, mobile phones, and pagers. Mobile phones are perhaps the most important part of communication. Mobile phones allow contact between construction crews, owners, clients, and suppliers. Communication between builder (boss) and foreman is critical to ensure that deadlines, and specific tasks are being met. Communication is an essential ingredient in the construction business.

There are few tools that have been affected by computers, possibly only the production of the tool. But there are a small number of tools that are irreplaceable that utilize computers. Laser levels or transits take the conjectures out of grading, straightening a wall, setting up batter boards, or leveling a line to start siding. Calculators are and invaluable tool for even the most experienced carpenter. Calculators make simple math even easier. Calculators such as the Construction Master VI alleviate some of the nuisance associated with building stairs, squaring up walls, and estimating amounts of material.

Cost estimation is another essential part of the construction profession. Spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel are useful for cost estimation. Instead of figuring every single cost factor for every single project, you can do it once, and then input values for further projects.

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