The Heart Of Change Case Analysis

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“The Heart of Change,” by John Kotter and Dan S. Cohen can act as a diagram for any organization facing challenges that come with implementing change. In the 21st Century in order to stay competitive with your competitors you have to implement changes, new systems and approaches to keep the organization relevant. With changes there comes errors that a company may encounter, sometimes these errors if not fixed can make the change within the organization impossible. Employees are reluctant and can’t see the views or their leader, and this makes change unsuccessful. That’s where Kotter’s eight step change model can give an organization a guideline and understanding of some of the challenges that they may encounter with change. Comparing Kotter’s…show more content…
Urgency and building a strong guiding team are important, but can’t work alone without a clear and concise vision. Getting the vision right is the most important of all the steps. Kotter states that “the guiding team develops the right vision and strategy for the change effort” (p.6). Kotter also noted that “Far too often, guiding teams either set no clear direction or embrace visions that are not sensible” (p.62). You can’t just start making sporadic changes to your organization without knowing what the issues are, and how you’re going to fix them. This is where Ivancevich, Konopaske and Patterson have similarities in this step. They state that “the decision-making process entails following a number of steps. Sequentially, these are: (1) establishing specific goals and objectives and measuring results, (2) problem identification and definition, (3) establishing priorities, (4) consideration of causes, (5) development of alternative solutions, (6) evaluation of alternative solutions, (7) solution selection, (8) implementation, and (9) follow-up” (p.423). These eight steps to the decision making process help give employees the right vision, to help in the…show more content…
The eight stage process gives leaders a plan on how to tackle and implement change the first time, while empowering employees to buy into the organizations end state. Many times leaders make changes and are puzzled why they don’t work. This is not the end all be all, but when implementing change you have to remember to that it’s a process that takes time and determination. You have to stick to the plan to see it through and that takes patience, planning and good decision making skills. Applying these steps will help your organization thrive and stay competitive in the 21st
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