Computers and Communication

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Computers & Communication

Today, more than ever people, are using technology in many different ways. Some people are using technology for leisure purposes while others are making technology work for them. Rapid advancements in technology are forever changing the way that we as people, react with the rest of the world and with each other. My parents, and the parents of many other college students, had little exposure to computers throughout their college education. It is up to the current generation of educators and students to harness the benefits of technology so they can be applied to many aspects of life, from work to communication, and from recreation to leisure.

Within the context of this paper I will give some examples of technology (generally computer related) and how it has benefited the way we interact in society. Along with the benefits there are always some kinds of drawbacks, and I would like to touch on a few of those. In an attempt to make some chronological sense I will start off with some to the most basic technological advancements that are helping people like myself to conduct simple tasks such as word processing and so on.

Computers, along with their input devices (such as keyboards) and their output devices (such as monitors and printers) allow us to do things in a more efficient manner than in times past (O’Leary 119). For instance, if I were to have typed this paper on a standard typewriter, and decided that I wanted paragraph number three to go where paragraph number four was at, I would have to retype the whole page, if not the entire paper again. Programs like word processors simulate a typewriter in a way that the data is editable for future corrections without ruining what is currently on the virtual page.

Word processor programs have ingenious tools that come with them, such as spell checking. Spell checking can be a double-edged sword when it comes to the English language. It is all fine and dandy that your finished text can come out free of spelling errors, but I have noticed that spell checking can weaken ones ability to spell on their own terms using traditional paper and pencil. We must be able to use technology in a way that it does not hinder our skills as human beings. The advent of the word processor is eating away at the use of pen and paper during rough draft procedures, and it is common to see many students starting their rough drafts via computers.
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