cyber security in the millitary

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We as Americans tend to think that because we have the best military, the most money, and the strongest defense organizations (nsa, ect) that we somehow have a natural advantage in cyber space.the world of cyber relations is dominated by offence. We have far more divided territory to defend than any other country. And not enough trained personnel to defend it. While we have yet to encounter a full scale Cyber war,we have been in some sense at war on a cyber-front since the early 2000’s. Chinese and Russian hackers have penetrated our most secured networks and gained access to some of our most precious secrets. They did this for the most part by clever social engineering and phishing attacks essentially using our very own people against us. General George S. Patton was right when he said that “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men”. The opposite is also true and at this point our very own men(or lack thereof) are losing us this war. America is not ready for cyber warfare because it lacks enough disciplined , well trained cyber soldiers. This is in part because they have not hired enough willing people, the people they have are not disciplined enough to follow protocol. And they are focusing too much on training in defense and not offense. As of march 12 2014 America’s cyber command staffs 1100[1] people. These 1100 people are ,in the words of General Keith Alexander( director of the united states cyber command) responsible for “directing the defense ensuring the operation of the Department of Defense’s information networks, and helping to ensure freedom of action for the United States military and its allies—and, when directed, for defending the nation against attacks in cyberspace”. There are trained personn... ... middle of paper ... ...pts of the Cold War. The cold war was mostly about defending. But this train of thinking only hurts the ability of the cyber w arriors in the u.s The U.S. military often uses “red” teams to challenge established “blue” teams in exercises. According to the report, small red teams, with only a short amount of time and using tools downloaded from the Internet, have been able to “significantly” disrupt blue team military operations The thrust of the strategy is defensive,” declared Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn. The Pentagon would not favor the use of cyberspace “for hostile purposes.” The threat of a cyber war occurring in this day and age is all too real. China has initiated an*** and is outwardly trying to present itself as a hoarder of information the fact of the matter is we do not have have enough disciplined cyber agents to combat the….

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