Comparsion of Throughout the Fate Is the Hunter and The Right Stuff

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Throughout the Fate is The Hunter and The Right Stuff the pilots have been thrown in and put their selves in great danger while flying. These risks that the pilots must face have been approached in very different ways in some aspects, and almost identical in others. Each of the books contain pilots who make decisions based on their judgments alone and without any or much background information on it. Weather is another risk that the pilots need to overcome and each book has a different approach to it_________. Another difference between the two types of flying are their attitudes towards their flight, with military having huge egos and commercial having a more modest and safer approach. ____?_____.
There are several characters that are followed throughout The Right Stuff with the main characters being the Mercury astronauts, Chuck Yeager, and Pete Conrad. While in the book Fate is The Hunter there is only one main character Ernest Gann. Earnest Gann is the typical commercial airline pilot who flies a variety of airplanes mostly consisting of the DC-2 and DC-3. However in The Right Stuff, the pilots are flying state of the art fighter planes and testing the newest creations from the air force and NASA such as the Mercury-Redstone Rockets. The dates and locations of these books overlap a fair amount, with The Right Stuff being contained within the USA from 1947-1963, and The Fate is the Hunter starting out in the USA and spreading into South America, Europe, and Asia with a timeline from the late 1930’s and into the early1950’s.
Within each of the books the pilots had egos, but they had two different types, the military test pilots in The Right Stuff had an attitude displaying a fearless warrior as t...

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... for their flight and will need to prepare again at a later date, this happened to Alan Shepard as he was ready for the launch of the first manned rocket on May 2. “Then the launch was postponed because of bad weather.” (W192). While on the other side of flying they are able to fly through hazards storms that engulf the entire plane “we are suddenly not in an airplane but a submarine” (G65) they are able to do this by relying on their skills and instruments, while trusting that the plane will still fly and preform long enough to get them to safety. Each of the books demonstrate their own approach for handling weather conditions ________ FINISH
Handling and operating an airplane comes with great risk, but these risks that are present are handled with very different attitudes and dealt with in different ways depending on the environment the pilots are in.
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