Wiley Post- Record Breaking Aviator

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“I cut the emergency switch just in time to keep ‘Winnie Mae’ from making an exhibition of herself by standing on her nose. That would have been fatal to our hopes.” –Wiley Post Throughout his incredible career, Mr. Wiley H. Post unceasingly strived for excellence and continuously pushed the envelope in aviation. Despite several hardships and the obstacles he faced, he never knew the meaning of giving up. He made numerous breakthroughs during the era of the Golden Age of Aviation. In these following paragraphs you will see several “snapshots” of the amazing life of a one-eyed pilot who drastically changed aviation. Wiley H. Post, the pilot who put it all on the line to fly not only a little faster, at a little higher altitude, but a little farther than everyone else, just one more time.
It was November of 1898 that one of our country’s most influential aviators would come bright-eyed into this world. Wiley Hardeman Post was born in a small Texas town. When the boy was just five years old his family uprooted and moved to yet another small town near Maysville, Oklahoma. It was in that tiny Oklahoma town where they would start their new lives. Wiley’s general disregard and lackadaisical attitude towards the academics led to his withdrawal from school in only the eighth grade.
One afternoon the young teen took a trip to the county fair in Lawton, Oklahoma. The county fair was host to an aerial exhibition revealing to Wiley Post, his first glimpse of a manned aircraft. It was at that moment when he realized his destiny to become a pilot. Without delay he enrolled in aviation school in Kansas City, Missouri. Post had high hopes to fly for his country, but the war ended faster than he could sign the dotted line. After a few years went by, consequently while working as a roughneck in the oilfields, he would finally get an untimely second chance to fulfill his destiny
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