Master and Commander: Far Side of the World

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Captain “Lucky Jack” Aubrey, the protagonist in Master and Commander: Far Side of the World, is an excellent example of a leader to both his crew and the audience of the film. Lucky Jack received the nickname because of his tendency to be in the right place at the right time, to win battles and, if necessary, narrowly escape disaster. The movie takes places during The Napoleonic Wars when Great Britain was at with France. Captain Aubrey is the captain of a British battleship, the HMS Surprise, when a much larger French warship, the Acheron, intercepts each other and pursue each other off of the coast of South America. Lucky Jack, as his crew refers him to, is well regarded by his men, who trust him implicitly, even after the first devastating battle and an apparent personal vendetta against the French captain.
Captain Aubrey exhibits and demonstrates leadership characteristics that inspire his crew to be the best that they can be. One of the most important leadership traits that Captain Jack has is a single-minded focus on his purpose. All of his decisions are held up against the g...

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