The Things They Carried Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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In The Things They Carried, an engaging novel of war, author Tim O’Brien shares the unique warfare experience of the Alpha Company, an assembly of American military men that set off to fight for their country in the gruesome Vietnam War. Within the novel, the author O’Brien uses the character Tim O’Brien to narrate and remark on his own experience as well as the experiences of his fellow soldiers in the Alpha Company. Throughout the story, O’Brien gives the reader a raw perspective of the Alpha Company’s military life in Vietnam. He sheds light on both the tangible and intangible things a soldier must bear as he trudges along the battlefield in hope for freedom from war and bloodshed. As the narrator, O’Brien displayed a broad imagination, retentive memory, and detailed descriptions of his past as well as present situations. 5. The author successfully uses rhetoric devices such as imagery, personification, and repetition of O’Brien to provoke deep thought and allow the reader to see and understand the burden of the war through the eyes of Tim O’Brien and his soldiers. 7. Towards the beginning of the …show more content…

O’Brien’s repetition emphasizes how the soldiers carried things emotionally. He uses “They carried” to emphasize the importance of the phrase. He uses “They carried” to emphasize how the soldiers struggled when they were in war. Another form of rhetoric O’Brien uses to aid the reader is his repetition. He tends to begin most of the sentences with “They carried.” In addition to this O’Brien occasionally switches the word carried for other actions: “endured, kept, imagined, crawled, spoke, or did not submit.” This mixture of actions words/phrases, in combination with “they,” allows the reader to view the men in many different dimensions at once. Persistent men, cowardly men, delusional men and etc…. O’Brien adds to the reading experience when he does this and again allows the reader to truly understand the burden of the war through the eyes of the Alpha

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