Comparing the Events in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968

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Comparing the Events in Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 Both of these events covered the same basic outline; a revolt, reforms in the country and the USSR’s reaction to these modifications. However in both cases the situation differed with many similarities and differences. Both events started with the same cause, dissatisfaction with Communism and the restrictions that came with it. Both countries were bitter about losing their freedom of speech and lived in fear of the secret police, yet in Hungary this was present on a bigger scale. In both countries current leaders were forced to resign and received no support from the USSR. In Hungary this event was repeated as the leader proceeding Rakosi was no better and public demonstrations caused a change in government yet again. Similarly both new leaders proved capable desiring reforms in the country. In Hungary however, reforms were demanded on a different level, as the Hungarians had no desire in keeping Communism and staying in the Warsaw Pact. Nagy’s government wanted free elections, impartial courts and farmland restored to private ownership. They wanted the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Hungary and as I mentioned their withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact, as well as to become neutral in the Cold War. The new American President, Eisenhower, was actually prepared to support new independent Hungary. In Czechoslovakia however, current leader Dubcek, new the outcomes of the Hungarian revolt and so did not want to make the same mistakes. He specifically told the Soviet leader Brezhnev, that the Czechs have no intention in leaving the Warsaw Pact as the Hungarians did but less censorship, more freedom of speech and a reduction in the secret police. As more and more changes took place there was even talk of allowing another political party to be set up as a rival to the Communists, the Social Democrats Party. In both cases the Soviet response wasn’t a positive one, but different actions were taken. In Hungary Khrushchev was ready to accept some of

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