The Hungarian Revolution of 1956

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One week before the revolution would occur, students broke away from the Party-sponsored youth organization DISZ and formed a radical independent student association openly opposed to the regime stirring the pot of revolution soup that was brewing in Hungary in 1956. Unlike the moderate Petofi Circle, the student groups were openly demanding satisfaction with their requests for change. The fundamental and structural changes they longed for were going to happen. One of the leaders of the student association AHUCU Association of Hungarian University and College Unions, Kiss Tamas, discusses the change in the culture of Hungary starting with the students, the young people, they were risking their safety for a better tomorrow. He said:

“There was a kind of effervescence. A year earlier it would never have happened that students had a conversation in a corner or in a room of a Youth Hostel and talked about political matters. It was a taboo. Nobody dared to risk it, to express an own opinion. You could definitely feel in September 1956 that a change was going on. Something was going to happen, something was happening around us.”7 This association had goals of “being an army fighting bravely and soulfully for the nation, the country and for a merrier future”.8 These people should not be in fear of talking about the truth, but they should serve the nation and the country with their skills, knowledge and ability. The students, like the Petofi Circle, had a list of demands, theirs more radical and lengthy than the writers group. On top of the demands listed by the Petofi Circle, the students added the imm...

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