Comparing an Eight Cylinder Camaro and a Six Cylinder Camaro

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Comparing an Eight Cylinder Camaro and a Six Cylinder Camaro

The purpose of this report is to compare the six-cylinder Camaro (RS), to the eight-cylinder Camaro (Z/28) to see which one is most suitable.

The specific areas I studied, based on primary and secondary sources are Performance, Gas Mileage and Price of each automobile.

The Z/28 and the R/S are simply two models of a Chevrolet sport-car based on options. The Camaro has become a legend dominating the market for more than three decades. Each model adds excitement and fun to driving along with a durable and comfortable ride. Whether the buyer is looking for the power or the style of the Camaro, they will be sure to turn heads.

Either car is a buyers deal, but one through my experiences is superior over the other. Through personal observations of each model, test driving the cars, I have concluded that the Z/28 is most suitable.

The power of the 305 horsepower V8 LT1 engine was the deciding factor which model, I believe was the better of the two models. The decision of which model whether, the Z/28 or the R/S was determined by the options the Z/28 has to offer.




The thrill of the "All American" sports car is still a HUGE part of the car buying industry today. As long as people want the power and style of a sports car, companies will keep on throwing them off the assembly line. The sports car fills the passion people need to have their own piece of America thus they won't be leaving us in the near future.


The purpose of this report is to compare the eight-cylinder Camaro to the six-cylinder Camaro to see which one is more ...

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Question 1: If you were me, would prefer a Z/28 or an R/S?

Answer: "I would prefer the Z/28 because it is a LOT faster!"

Question 2: Do you have any dislikes about your Camaro?

Answer: "Not really. Well I guess I hate that it sucks gas really bad."

Question 3: If you could have gotten a R/S instead would you have?

Answer: "No Way! I love the V8! It is worth spending more money on the gas."

Question 4: So, in your eyes the eight-cylinder engine is better?


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