Comparing Two Sculptors

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This essay will compare and contrast the work of two sculptors who use the human form as a basis of their artwork. The first sculpture “Apollo and Daphne” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini was created in 1622 and portrays a Romanian story. Where as “Two Women” by Ron Mueck is a hyper realistic sculpture made by an Australian contemporary artist. Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a traditional sculptor that was born in 1598 and created art pieces such as “Apollo and Daphne” for well-known churches in Rome. On the other hand, Ron Mueck is a contemporary sculptor from Australia who is known to use hyper-realism when creating magnificent sculptures of the human form. The media techniques and processes that each of the sculptors completed required large amounts of effort and were very time consuming. Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s life size sculpture “Apollo and Daphne” was created in the 17th Century and took almost 5 years to carve the two characters out. “Apollo and Daphne” was carved from Carrara marble, which is a “metamorphic rock that results from the re-crystallization of limestone”. In contrast to ...
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