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    a political document as well. Throughout his work, Ovid criticizes Augustus as ruler by portraying Augustus as Jupiter; he does this by portraying Jupiter as cynical, tyrannical, hubristic man. Metamorphoses means "Book of Transformations." These transformations may directly link through Roman history. During Ovid's time, there was change in government from the Republic to the Empire. In the first few lines of Ovid's work, It is clear that Ovid is not trying to write a traditional epic like Virgil

  • Ovid Mythology

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    The use of Greek mythology was widespread among Renaissance literary texts. The work of Ovid was used foremost as it constituted an important classical source for the literary tradition at that time. Ovid’s Metamorphoses played a very important role in the transmission of a mythological world, becoming a suitable frame for poetry. The Elizabethans were thought to be intrigued with mythical gods and their transformations into mortal bodies. These myths represented the nature of expressing the processes

  • Ovid And Medea

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    Myth Clash II: Ovid vs. Euripides for Medea, a sadness of love As one of the most well known ancient Roman love poets, Ovid has demonstrated bountiful talents within his writing. When reading myths from his book titled Metamorphoses, you gain an enlightening insight of how he viewed mythology. To Ovid, love was the origin of everything. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that most of his poems relate to the theme of love. However, not all poets are the same and every re-telling of a myth

  • The Metamorphoses By Ovid

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    period in Roman history. Ovid is growing up during the last days of Julius Caesar’s reign and the beginning of Augustus’ new reign as Emperor. This period marked great change, or metamorphosis, in Roman ideology. Although it was not obvious to the average person until many years later, genius’ like Ovid understood the change that Roman society was going through. At this time, Ovid was already a highly successful poet, writing erotic poetry. However, there was a genre Ovid had not yet established his

  • Metaphysics of Ovid and Dante

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    Ovid wrote the Metamorphoses nearly two thousand years ago and Dante wrote Purgatorio 1600 years after that - two pieces of literature that dealt with topics which transcend humanity's perceived reality. Each piece of literature attempts to arrive at a truth concerning the essence of human existence, Dante seeks answers within the confines of Catholic dogma while Ovid approaches existence from a paganistic perspective. This demonstrates two very different approaches to the same exact query. Mankind

  • Ovid Metamorphoses Paper

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    The phrase “I do” is common during many marriage ceremonies today, but what did earlier societies believe about love? In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, the point is clearly made that love can be controlled. In Much Ado About Nothing, Benedick is tricked into loving Beatrice by Claudio and Don Pedro. This is very similar to Ovid's Metamorphoses, in which love is triggered by Cupid inflicting his love, or lack thereof, on both people and gods. In both Much Ado About Nothing and Metamorphoses

  • Ovid Book 10 Analysis

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    Ancient Greece and Rome Tutorial 3 Dr. Armstrong, 3/31/2014 Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book 10 The beginnings of the world are mythologically recorded by the poet Ovid, who lived from 43 BC to 17 or 18 AD. During this time period, he wrote a collection of poetry that spanned the history of Rome’s beginnings up to Julius Caesar. His poetry had political purposes, but was also well known for its codification of love affairs. While it met the standards of traditional epic poetry, the style of his couplets

  • The Life And Works Of Ovid And Virgil's Life

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    Ovid and Virgil are both talented writers from the First Century B.C. They are both known for creating amazing pieces of literature that are still enjoyed today. Since two talented Roman writers both lived in the same time period and the same area, is it possible that they have encountered each other at some point? Are their lives any similar or different? What about their writing styles? Understanding how Ovid lived, how Virgil lived, and their writing styles will answer these questions. Publius

  • A Comparison Of The Aeneid Vs. The Metamorphoses

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    each man was ultimately successful in their endeavors, they achieved their desired goals in vastly different ways. That being said, the epic poem by Ovid is superior because unlike Virgil, whose epic poem utilized a character centered narrative steeped in historical inferences and a theme that celebrated the moral virtues of Greek and Roman society, Ovid defied tradition by creating an intricate narrative that looked

  • Transformations in Ovid's Metamorphosis

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    Transformations in Ovid's Metamorphosis Transformations from one shape or form into another are the central theme in Ovid's Metamorphoses. The popularity and timelessness of this work stems from the manner of story telling. Ovid takes stories relevant to his culture and time period, and weaves them together into one work with a connecting theme of transformation throughout. The thread of humor that runs through Metamorphoses is consistent with the satire and commentary of the work. The theme