Celebrating Cultural Diversity

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Summary: In the modern world it is very important to understand the terms “globalization” and “culture”. Globalization is a process which involves changes in the natural human life. In other words we may call it as changes in the culture of that particular human being or any other particular group. Culture of a group or particular person mainly tells about the life of people or person, living traditions, historical values, religious matters in that particular social system. So we could say culture is a subsystem with in a lager social system. Now a days every modern critic usually thinks about the globalization and effect of globalization on culture. Does it having positive effect on the culture or does it having negative effect on culture. So it is very important to understand what is global culture? and how it is effecting social life, political life etc. For seeing how the world globalized here we compared three different eras and observed the effect of globalization on culture. Globalization is nothing but interaction, integration exchanging of views and other aspects of culture. It is very important to spread any matter from one part to the other part. If you observe the modern world we could easily say it is modernized or in other words globalized. Globalization is helping us to see different cultures, social activities and cultural division around us. Author discussed three different examples from different periods from twelfth century to current twenty first century to show how globalization showing effects on the culture. In the first example i.e. Ebstorf Mappa Mundi author giving an example of views of particular culture on birth and their belief on God’s creation on mankind. Every culture in the ... ... middle of paper ... ...evelop. But the original impact of globalization is shows on culture in some particular aspects. So every place different from other place in terms of culture and habitats. So it is very important for every culture or ethnic group to adjust. In my views globalization is very beneficial as long as it is not harming the main culture activities. Bibliography: 1. J. Tomlinson 1999: Globalization and culture. 2. Usha Reddi 1989: Media and culture in Indian society: conflict or co-operation. Osmania University, Hyderabad. 3. Mike Featherstone 1990: Global culture: Nationalism, globalization, and Modernity. 4. John Tomlinson 1991: Cultural Imperialism. 5. Saikat Banerjee, (2008) “Dimensions of Indian culture, core cultural Values and marketing implications. An analysis”, cross cultural management: An Internationa Journal. 6. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Globalization.

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