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Maasai Society The Maasai People from Kenya represent a pastoral society. They rely on the taming and herding of livestock as a means for survival. Those responsible for herding livestock are the Maasai warriors and boys, especially during drought season. They had cattle, goats and sheep as their livestock. I did notice a social transformation in their society. Each individual has their job to complete daily. For example, the women formed the houses, milked the cattle, cooked for the family and supplied them with water. The men made the fence around the Kraal and secured the society and the boys were responsible for herding livestock. These multiple duties, commanded by the elderly, eventually started emerging to new and different customs such as trading with local groups. This was …show more content…

Maasai have responsibilities to accomplish daily and so does the US people. They both show pride in what they do. Some differences are that the United States has some different elements of society. For example, the US has information society because of the advanced technology in production of information and services. The US holds a diverse amount of subcultures. There are different people who live in the United States that are from all around the world, who each share different customs and languages but yet also practice the American culture. For instance, Hispanics from different Latin countries, black African Americans, Asians, Middle Eastern, etc. Of course there are countercultures like the Ku Klux Klan or the hipsters that go against and do not follow the American culture. The US share many different popular cultures. For instance, every year they have the super bowl for American football, the MLB World Series, and NBA championship. Another popular culture would be the television channels which are Disney channel, HBO, FX, ABC Family,

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