The Study Of Culture: Social And Cultural Differences

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• Culture – Culture is defined as the common language that is shared and is what makes diverse individuals able to communicate with each other. Due to the different origins that America has grown upon, the study of culture is highly important. Just as the lecture notes for week 1b says, culture is what hold people together, and what allows them to figure and fight out how the world should be. Without all the different cultures, America would not be diversely rich as it is today. Gary Columbo, Robert Cullen, and Bonnie Lisle the authors of “Thinking Critically, Challenging Cultural Myths” on page three, do an amazing job at explaining culture as holding people together by sharing customs, ideas, beliefs and values. American culture was shown …show more content…

It is categorized into two separate models: one being the medical model and second being the social or cultural model. The medical model for disability is something to be cured and that affects the individual alone and not others around them. The social or cultural model of disability is when the issue of the disability is not the person’s, but the society’s problem. Rosemarie Garland-Thomson the author of “The Politics of Staring: Visual Rhetorics of Disability in Popular Photography,” explains on page 56 how disabled people were stared at and thought as differently since the very beginning. They have been thought as monsters and freaks that were just there for peoples’ entertainment to laugh and stare at. It is critical to study disabilities for American culture so people understand that the disabled are regular people with feelings. This will allow Americas to have an idea of what people with disabilities have to go through. A very good example of a time period in American history that disability was a concern to the society was during the 19th century. The disabled were set aside to perform at circuses, sideshows, and be gawked at in museums. They were not welcomed in society because of the way they looked and acted. The film Freaks did a great job at showing how the people of the time thought of the disabled. People today should study disability so they do not repeat history and make the disabled feel

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