Compare And Contrast The Fairy Tale Story

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The fairy tales become interesting as they have different kinds of endings that sums up in the end, one might give us a lesson about talking to stranger and the other might give us a lesson about being clever. It can be seen in different stories that there is a different meaning to it. It is interesting that the authors give out their imagination differently, we can notice something that sums it up to be unique. Sometimes the morals of the stories are same, but the deeper meaning to it is completely different. The two stories that I think have different endings are “The Story of Grandmother” by Louis and Francois Briffault and “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault, both these stories have a different ending as one talks about being clever…show more content…
In “Little Red Riding Hood”, it can be seen that how the Charles Perrault is trying to tell us that how kids, especially girls are taken care of. We can see that how nicely the mother made a little hood for her, it shows us that they care a lot and the author is showing that also. She was given a task about to deliver some cakes to her. Then while she was going to the grandmother’s house she was stopped by a wolf, and the girl did not know what to do and she told the wolf everything in detail. She also told the exact place where she was going to deliver and also told what she was carrying and everything. The wolf cleverly told “I think I shall go and see her too.”(12) With this we can know that the wolf had something planned and then the wolf took a shorter route and arrived before the girl. And at the door the wolf told that he had come to deliver the cakes

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