Compare And Contrast Major Religions

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Religion, also known as accepted schizophrenia, is a major part of societies across the globe and has played an enormous role in the history of humanity. Unfortunately, there is not just one religion. Due to the fact that religion exists off of mere belief and no evidence, there are many religions. Religions range from being massively accepted by billions across the globe to religions that are only there to satirize religion. Major religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism have an enormous influence on the world. Although these religions have common underlying aspects, there are major differences, including similarities, between their histories, beliefs, and the ways in which they are practiced, to give the religions their own unique…show more content…
Christianity and Islam seem to have more similarities between than Buddhism which most likely contributes to their popularity. The biggest similarity that Christianity and Islam share is that they are both monotheistic religions, meaning both religions believe in one God. If anything, their Gods might as well turn out to be the same ones, only separated by difference in interpretation. However, to find that out, someone would have to die and enter an afterlife, which is actually something all three religions have in common. Christians and Muslims believe in an afterlife in heaven, or hell, while Buddhists believe in reincarnation. They also all have prophets or important religious leaders in their religions such as Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and Buddha. Another feature they have in common is religious building such as churches, mosques, and temples where they go for prayers and worship. Yet another facet of these religions is their religious text that probably heavily contributed to the survival of the religions. Christianity has the Bible, Islam has the Qu’ran, and Buddhism has a vast number of religious texts. Provided that some of these similarities in themselves have their own miniscule differences, the overall themes of the teachings of these religions are closely connected, and seem uniform among these religions and most
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