Compare And Contrast Education And Poverty In Education

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The education that is presented to most of people in the United States is usually categorized into a set specific educational levels within its institutions. A lot of the children in the country are able to attend a lot of public schools starting at the ages of five or six. They are usually given the chance to participate in several specific levels of education within their own public schools which are also known as grades. About each public school year in the U.S. usually starts at the end of every August of each year and end within the next year. A lot of children advance to the next grade after each school year. Children are able to attend preschool before they enter kindergarten. They attend 12 grades before they graduate from high school.…show more content…
About half of Americans who grew up in poor families but didn’t have the ability to progress within their education are considered as lower class. This type of relation between U.S. education and poverty in the country can be viewed by almost anybody within all grades of any public school. This idea can be viewed within the earliest level of education, such as pre-primary education, where a lot of poor Americans will start with disadvantages. A lot of parents who earn about less than $15,000 every year don’t have the ability to afford a pre-primary education for all their children. This behaves a big disadvantage for a lot of poor Americans because students who participated in preschool education were less likely to repeat a grade. As a bonus, pre-primary education has the ability to decrease the rates of crime within areas such as neighborhoods with American families who earn higher-incomes. While on the other hand, children who aren’t able to attend preschool were proven to have increases chances of becoming criminals within their local…show more content…
It has been discovered that about less than 10 percent of what public schools actually earn comes from the federal government of the United States. However, about more than 90 percent of what public school earn usually comes from the local and state governments within the areas of the country. The funding for a lot of public school will differ from every other state which also means that the funding within each state is unbalanced. As of the year 2006, a lot of public schools with the highest poverty rates have earned an average of nearly $1,000 for each student. The funding from local and state governments have caused poor students to experience way more disadvantages for how they can learn within their public schools. A lot of the best teachers will be more likely to apply and also work within public schools that pay the most amount of money. They choose to do this because they know that these public schools will offer the best types of buildings as well as safest work
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