Race And Ethnicity In Education Essay

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I decided to write about the influence of race and ethnicity on a person’s educational level. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic where, within my social group, schooling and education was deemed as an essential part of life. In the United States, however, there exist a greater number of racial and ethnic groups, and it is evident that an achievement gap exists among these groups. Here, Dominicans are marginalized as part of a Hispanic minority group that does not achieve the educational status of other groups, such as Whites or Jewish. I chose to write about the disparity of education within races and seek to answer how race affects a person’s educational level.
Through research, I will examine if there is a correlation, be it direct or indirect, between a person’s race and their educational attainment. In order to answer this question, it is important to consider other variables, such as a sex, socioeconomic status, culture, and religion. How do these variables influence a racial group’s access to education? Numerous studies have been done to answer questions like these. I am curious to find out what intrinsic characteristics of a racial/ethnic group impact their success. My research will include collection of existing data and analysis of several case studies. Some of the sociological questions that I would use to answer my hypothesis are: What are some factors that affect a person’s education level? Or how does sex affect the success of a person? Also I will explain the meaning of socioeconomic status? And is culture the foundation of educational levels? I will use these questions to help me write my research paper.
The hypothesis that I formulated to give structure to my paper: H1:...

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... 2003).
Some locations in the United States are trying to improve their education by adding quality teachers. A major reason why there is an achievement gap in education is because there exist a gap in teachers as well. Research has shown that teacher quality counts. Some states are seeking ways to keep quality teachers and ways to attract them. In New York City, the schools will not hire teachers that are not certified. Also, New York and California are adding some sort of incentive in public schools, to attract quality teaching to minority schools. Sometimes school add annual bonus up to $10,000 for qualify teacher to work in public school, with low achieving schools. Also, many state provide some sort of tuition assistance for teacher, but of all of the states only seven target the candidates to commit to the lower achieving schools (Olsen, 2003).
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