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Cinema as a form of art is just like painting, music; its purpose is to deliver the message, information to its audiences. The information is interrupted differently by different audiences; popular cinema plays to our unconscious desire, it reflects the unconscious desire in a certain level. Therefore it is popular. The movie I chose in this essay is ‘Avatar,' it is one of the most famous ‘blockbuster’ movies in history, it released on 2009, the budget of this film is ‘237 million USD.' The box office is 2.788 billion USD and was once the highest-grossing film of all time. James Cameron created this dream-like world called Pandora, which everyone fell in love with. The film came in 3D and in some selected cinemas in 4D to allow the audience…show more content…
The history of white people and the American indigene, the Indians. One of Avatar’s themes is colonization, in fact, Navi’s appearance, their lifestyle, and even the bond that Navi people have with the land all remind the audiences of the Indians. A movie is a form of art that ‘underscore the subterranean, hidden aspects of society … They mark historical evolution are an essential document for understanding how each culture represents itself’ (Francesco Castti, 1999, theories of Cinema, 1945-1995, Austin: University of Texas Press). Therefore, Avatar can be considered as an introspection of the dark history, James posed questions in the movie, every audience has their different answers to the questions. The audiences, however, answering those question unconsciously; the characters themselves represent different standpoints, while audience bonding and identifying as one character, the audience already choose a standpoint and therefore answered the questions already. The theme of colonialism in Avatar can be interrupted in both ways, the desire for land, the resources, and the desire for a ‘new home’ which leads to the desire to invade and to destroy. The essential curiousness, exploring the world we live in, and the excitement of finding the ‘new world.' Colonialism can’t be justified, however, the desire always lays there, the war and the conflict, and the hunger for power, for greater things. The storyline set up of Avatar can also be interrupted as an introspection and judgment to the American history, as a white male, James expresses his thoughts on this certain issue, as some audiences might experience the sense of ‘guilt’ unconsciously. The audiences got to view the message that the creators are sending in the movie, can analysis, therefore participate in the

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