Company Hiring Practices

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This chapter has presented some common issues that plague employers around the country. Companies have continued to evolve, they look for ways improve and define job criterions and assessments. These methods establish identifying traits that the best applicant should possess for different types of employment opportunities. It is imperative that the applicant’s rights balance the scales of prescreening. The case overview in this assignment looks at how measuring prescreening test as a condition of employment can create conflicts with the Title VII protected classes and rights of the applicants in this case.
Legalities of Employment
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in an attempt to recruit and refine the transit officer position adapted a new stands on how they measure the aerobic fitness of potential transit officers and applicants. The case centers on how disproportionate the number of female candidates were to their male counterpart. The Philadelphia transit authority revamped the transit officer program and responsibilities. In doing so, ...
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