The Employee Selection Methods

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Selection Methods

Employee selection is a process where employers collect and evaluate information about all candidates who submitted their information through application forms to extend offer of employment. Within this process it mainly involves eliminating as many applicants who employers see as unqualified in order to identify the right person for the job. In comparison with recruitment process that comes before selection process where employers would try to recruit as many applicants as possible to give all job seekers equal opportunity to apply for the position and see what the public currently can offer to the company. However, now that they have recruited enough people it 's time to short list through a selection process. Selection process also consists of assessing applicants. Regardless of what method that is being used it has one goal, which is to ensure that organisation hires the right person for the job offered. (WAG Mobile , 2013) Candidates are assessed by many different ways. However, on selection process they would be assessed based on submitted
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CV can only do so much on explaining what the candidates could actually offer to the company as it mainly works as a guideline for employers to get to know their applicant. Interview is a chance for employer to get further details and confirmation whether the information candidates have is valid. For an example, if a candidate stated in their CV that they 're bilingual; in the interview employers have a chance to further evaluate whether they have a qualification or evidence to support that statement. Interview is also beneficial for the applicants as it gives them equal opportunity to ask questions regarding the organisation and specific things such as skills or knowledge they could relate to. (Warr,
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