Communication Problems Within The Staff

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[IMG] I 'd like a fresh new banner as soon as possible as this one is quite outdated, but until that 's sorted out we might have to make do with this for the temporary time being. Hey guys. A lot of what 's been recently going on in staff is related to addressing communication problems within the staff. It 's great that we 're developing on things here, and to further expand on that, I 'd love to see us take onto starting an interview series once again! We 've had old interviews before while The Player was a thing, but since the webzine has been discontinued, we 've lost all of the momentum in dealing with staff interviews. Either people have forgotten about them at this point, or we 've had enough turnover in staff at this point where reviving this would work wonders. This would be a step in the right direction, as similarly to how we 're patching up communication issues in staff, this would also help with our communication relations towards the userbase. This would allow them to be more involved, as they can interact with us and learn more about the inner workings of the global staff! As for how to approach this, you guys have all heard about the well-received Player of the Week thread series floating around in various Smogon tier forums? Well, this time around I 'm very interested in taking a similar format. It has this aspect where people can ask questions themselves to the person who got interviewed, and that sounds nice since it 's a great way of allowing users to be more involved with staff and notable contributors. The OP interview will be dealt with using the questions the person doing the interview asks, while everyone else can ask their own questions in the thread. There will be a rotation process between auth clas... ... middle of paper ... ...hether they 'd like to answer them or not.[/hide] Anyway, this thread 's purpose would be to get the word out, asking for people willing to partake in the role of an interviewer/interviewee (tagging Eyan and antemortem since I know they 've expressed interest in taking up the interviewer role), and for staff to make suggestions and stuff to make this project better if they so please! As for moderation, I expect it to be mild at most since I 'll only be asking to lock threads as we move on to the next interview in due time. Each interview will have a post featured on PS news, and to start things off we 'll have a introductory post/thread about the upcoming event. I hope to see you guys involved! First Week interview poll - Upper Staff (tagging @verbatim, @Royalty, and @Scotteh since they 've expressed interest in starting. For anyone else, please post in this thread!)
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