Communication And Verbal Communication

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Verbal communication is the communication in which we tranfer information through radio,telephone,face to face or by some other mean.
Non Verbal Communication:
In non verbal communication we transfer information by means of body language,gestures,how we dress up etc.
Written Communication: the information is transferred by means of letter,email,book,internet etc.
information is transferred by means of graph,charts,maps etc.

During communication sender and reciever are compulsory because when we want to transfer information then obviously there is someone to whom the information is transferred or shared. Positive body language is necessary ingredienr for the development of relationship with the listener or audience.
As our body language is important in communicating,our voice is also an important factor.When we communicate with one another then our voice should be audible to all,so that everyone can understand our saying.Moreover,we should use supporting material that should be related to our topic,we can include graphs,charts,so that people can understand our saying easily.
Verbal Communication Model:
Encoding the idea:
Encoding is putting your idea into a form in which the recepient can understand.This is congnitive process of converting ideas into symbols then into a message.This is known as encoding.
When you have played your part in encoding then after that it is upto the recepient to play his part to decode the message. We should use such words that a reciever can understand without any difficulty.
Encoder takes special effort in encoding the idea. It is necessary to note that the words,tone and actions that we choose to encode our idea represents some specific content meaning.We should choose words with grea...

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...d an interpreter.If this problem is removed,the barrier still exists because their idioms , ettiquette are different which cause problem .and this will become the barrier.

Strategies For Effective Listening :
Stop :
For Effective listening ,we can focus on other people,what they think,what they feel etc.We should step away from our own concern to think about speaker.We should give our full attention to the speaker.
We should pay attention to non-verbal messages,without letting ourself distracted.We should avoid getting distracted from verbal messages.
We should try to understand that what the speaker is trying to communicate.We should listen for essence of speaker's thaught.
Be Empathetic:
We should be empathetic to the feelings of speaker.We should not be drawn into all of their problem or issues,as long as we acknowledge what they are experiencing.
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