Police Communication Essay

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Communication is a huge part in any police organization. There are many factor to how communication is being passed and what effects communication. Verbal and non verbal commutation is two ways to pass communication. Both play a huge role in the criminal justice organization. Another impact on communication is the channels communication flow through in the organization. Communication in a police organization can be passed in two ways, formal and non formal channels. With every organization communication barriers also play a huge role in how communication is being passed. There are several ways to overcome these barriers. When people talk to each other for the purpose to exchange information each person is using verbal and…show more content…
Formal channels have a structured chain of command that communication that a police organization follows. This gives the police organization structure, order and security. Written communication such as memorandums must be drafted correctly and approved through the chain of command which will endorse it. Formal command also helps personal in the police organization to receive the same communication throughout the organization. This allows more personal to view the communication, ensures communication is being passed, and allows more personal to view the communications for mistakes. A huge advantage of formal communication is that it establishes a paper trail of communication. This helps hold personal accountable for the communication and also creates a paper trail for court purposes. Formal commutation plays a critical role for court hearings. Formal communication also usually flows from the top to bottom. Informal channels are any communication that does not follow or use the chain of command. This type of communication is passed through gossip, rumors, everyday conversation, and any other type of communication that is not formal. Informal communication channel might also take place because communication needs to be done in a timely manner. This channel may also be used when police officers, detectives, and other personal of the police organization engage in conversation about a case, policy, procedure, and so on. Informal communication is used at all level of the chain of
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