History Of The Grand Canyon

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Arizona is composed of 1 billion tons of rock. The Grand Canyon stretches 18 miles across and 277 miles long and more then a mile deep. It is so vast that is even seen from space. The river is 1450 miles long and 800 million gallons of water for every hour.

The first day of this trip we will be rafting down the Colorado river starting from central Colorado with the “Ava Live the Day Company.” Now let me give you some history on who was the first rafter of this great river that formed the canyon. John Wesley Powel was the first man to ride the entire Colorado River he took a three-month river trip down. Powel did many things, such as a U.S. soldier, a professor and a geologist. John Powell was born March 24, 1834 and died September 23, 1902.
It is said that the Grand Canyon was created through the Colorado river cutting away at the rock. How is this possible? Geologists say that the canyon several rivers joined, the plateaus were created when the river cut through. Douglas theory: spillover theory, the Colorado poured into a basin and was cutting away as it did this causing...